Got a PlayStation? Download NBA 2K18 for PS4 Now!

Are you a Sony PlayStation user? Then, you might be interested in getting NBA 2K18 on PS4. In case you don't know, it is the most popular basketball game on the web. The company has already released the official version of the game.

We have already published the guide to download Android APK NBA 2K18. You can also play the game on Windows too. Here you will read how to get NBA 2K18 for Sony PlayStation 4.

Play NBA 2K18 on PS4

The most feasible and the easiest way is to download the official version from the PS4 app store. You will have to spend a few bucks to get NBA on PlayStation, though. I have linked to the official page below. You can use it to finish the process within a blink if you got the money and a speedy internet connection.
What if you don't have the money to download the game? We have got a workaround for this. You just have to follow the guide below. (Basically, we are going to cast your Android device to PS4).

Step 1: First we have to download Plex app on PS4. You can do it just by going to the app store and searching for it. Don't forget to finish the installation.
nba 2k18 for ps4

Step 2: You need a Plex account now. Go get it. Not to mention, don't forget the credentials. Or else, you can't run NBA 2K18 on PS4.
Step 3:  Access the list of apps on your console and open Plex from there. Once you sign into the account, it will ask you to link your PS4 to Plex. You can do that from the link (visit on another device and enter the code) they give.
Don't worry! You will get an error message now. We just have to be patient and finish all the steps to have NBA for PlayStation 4. So complete the entire process.
Step 4: At this step, you have to take your Android device in your hand. Then, download NBA 2K18 APK and install the game on it.
Step 5: Now you need the Plex app on your Android. Here's a link to the Play Store page. Install the app on your phone and open it up.
nba 2k18 for sony play station
Step 6: You need to stay on trial mode there. It is mandatory to grant the permissions for the app to work properly.
Step 7: Select the three small horizontal lines to get the menubar and choose the Settings from the screen you get.
Step 8: Go to System and check whether Advertise as server, Show camera roll media and Network discovery are turned on. If yes, you can start streaming NBA 2K18 to PS4.

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