NBA 2K18 APK with Data+ OBB for Android Free Download

Here is a great news for NBA fan’s, the latest version i.e. NBA 2k18 APK for Android devices is on the way. This is a basketball simulation video game developed for NBA fans. The game provides a great platform to take part in the NBA matches. One can enjoy dynamic basketball battles in this android based game.

NBA 2K18 has the best presentation, gameplay, visuals, and enough amount of content to keep the player engage with it. The player can earn more virtual money. You have to download the NBA 2k18 APK with obb file to play this game on the Android device. This is the 19th edition in NBA gaming series.

Download NBA 2K18 APK+ Data+ OBB for Android

download nba 2k18 apk for android data obb free

NBA 2k18 APK download is available for free of cost and it is very easy to download and install the game in any of your devices. You can directly download the game by just clicking on the downloading link below.

Steps to Download the NBA 2K18 APK Mod:

  • First of all, go to the official website to download the and can extract the NBA 2k18 mod APK and files to location sdcard/android/obb/. You can use the link given above for that.
  • In the next step, you have to download the necessary files
These are the two main steps that one should follow to download it. The OBB file is created to support the application and contain bundles of large assets. Opaque binary blob carries encrypted data such as media and graphics that is not included in the APK file. You can easily install APK file with NBA 2k18 APK obb directly on your Android device.

OBB lets you store large files on the public SD card. These files come along with every big game having size more than 1.5 GB. You cannot run the game without downloading the OBB file because the APK contains only the installation package and license information, and the OBB file contains reset of the part of a game like graphics, visual and all files. Hence, both the NBA 2k18 APK and obb file, are necessary to run games on Android device.
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Features of NBA 2K18 Game for Mobile

nba 2k18 apk download

Here are some exciting features of the game:
  • The game includes high-quality graphics.
  • In the previous version of this game, the user had to spend lots of time to create and modify the player. But in NBA 2k18 APK updated roster you will find a button that would automatically create a player and save your time. 
  • You can also play the game with the players of your choice. The players can be real life player and the user has the choice to create players over the course of the game. 
  • There is also an option for the user to move to a city of their choice where they can get badges, uniform colors of their team.
  • You can earn unlimited money using NBA 2k18 APK data mod.
  • While playing the game, the user has to follow the rules, regulation, and objectives of NBA.
  • The game has 11 different announcers and commentators including Brent Barry, David Aldridge, and Doris Burke etc.
  • It has 36 teams from which you can select the players of your choice. This NBA 2k18 APK android game also includes historic NBA teams. Those teams include the Boston Celtics, Los Angeles Lakers and Chicago Bull etc.
  • Players encourage the basketball player and go through the seasons, playing games and participating in off-season activities.
  • NBA 2k18 APK free download game has two additional features MyGM and MyLeague. The features allow the player to control a specific team and customize many aspects of the team.
  • The feature league expansion allows the players to create their own expansion team similar to what happened in the real life.
  • The game will support various Android versions including jelly Bean, KitKat, Lollipop, marshmallow.
  • The player can control their team when they are in My career mode. This mode allows the players to play games against friends and other XBOX live players.
  • The online game mode is available to make it more realistic and tempting.
  • The NBA 2k18 APK latest version takes the NBA game to new heights.
  • The application uses the global system for mobile communications telephony radio system. 
  • The players can also be exposed to open world experience by allowing them to buy mansions, fashion, a vehicle to drive and practice training facilities with beautiful graphics etc.
  • You are allowed to wear compression pants without pre-ordering them before the game.
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Requirements to Install the Game

nba 2k18 apk download obb data

NBA 2k18 is the latest version of NBA 2k series of basketball games. The user needs to follow some instruction to install the game. To install and run this entertaining game on your system, you need to have a huge free storage space.

You need to have at least Android version 4.3 and game is also compatible with all other latest versions than this. Some of NBA 2k18 APK system requirements to run this version of basketball smoothly on your system are as follow:

Minimum Requirements to install the game:

  • The minimum CPU requirement to install the game is Intel Core i3- 530 @ 2.93 GHz or AMB Phenom IIx4 805 @ 2.50 GHz.
  • The user needs to have various operating systems including Window 7 64- bit, Window 8.1 64-bit and Window 10 64- bit.
  • 4 GB random access memory is required.
  • The video card requirement is NVIDIA GeForce GT 430 1GB / ATI Radeon HD 6450 1GB.
  • You need to have 70 GB free disk space to install the game.
  • The game is compatible with sound card DirectX 9.0x.

Maximum Requirement to install the game:

  • The maximum CPU requirement is Intel Core i5- 4430 @ 3 GHz or AMB FX-8370 @ 3.4 GHz or latest version.
  • The game run smoothly on 64-bit window operating system versions 7,8.1, 10. 
  • 8 GB RAM is the maximum required access memory.
  • The game is compatible with a video card like NVIDIA GeForce GT 77 2GB / ATI Radeon R9 270 2GB or latest version.
  • The maximum storage space must be 70 GB.
  • The game runs better with sound card DirectX 9.0x.
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How to Install Game Using NBA 2K18 APK

nba 2k18 apk download obb data android

The installation process is simple in any device that user have. The user has to follow the step by step procedure to install this version on your Android device. Install the NBA 2k18 APK full on your Android device and wait until the installation is completed. It will take approximately 1 hour to complete the installation process.

Installation Steps for Android Devices:

To download the game for Android device is very easy. You just need to follow the below-mentioned steps to download and install the app.

Step 1: You should have to download the game from the official website. You can also search for the game on NBA 2k18 APK google play store.

Step 2: The next step is to download the OBB file.

Step 3: After successfully downloading the files, you should install the NBA 2k18 APK on your Android device and wait until the installation process is completed.

Step 4: As the installation process is completed, you have to open the OBB file. Now extract the files from it.

Step 5: As all files are extracted, the game is available. You have to click on start game button and can enjoy it.

Installation Steps for iOS:

You cannot get APK directly on your Apple Play Store. The store for IOS device has a barrier which prevents you from running app. Hence, to install the game you should have to first install the app sync which enables the user to install the application outside the Apple Play Store without any barrier. Follow the below-mentioned steps for NBA 2k18 APK free download for ios:

Step 1: Download the app sync.

Step 2: The next step is to search for the Cydia app.

Step 3: After the application has been successfully downloaded, you should have to choose your IOS device and then install the app.

Step 4: As the installation has been done, you have to boot your system.

Step 5: Now, you can search for the NBA 2k18 APK ios game in cidya and then click on it.
Step 6: It will take few minutes to download the game and after that, you have to click on the install button.

Step 7: As soon as the installation is done, the NBA 2k18 APK iPhone game is ready to play.

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Installation Steps for PC:

nba 2k18 apk

You can also play this basketball game on your personal Windows like XP/ 7/ 8.1/ 10/ vista. Because the game is an android application code hence, in order to download NBA 2k18 APK for PC, you should first have a good android emulator. Emulator act as a mediated for your PC to run Android applications.

It is difficult to play the game on PC for the first time but more you play it on the computer, more you enjoy to play the game. It has been more fun to play the game on a large screen as compared to play it on smartphone. BlueStack is one of the best emulators that will help you in running any android applications to your window device.

Steps for NBA 2k18 APK free download for PC and to install it are as follows:

Step 1: You should have to download blue stacks first and then have to click on the setup file.

Step 2: Now click on the start button to start the installation and wait till the process is completed.

Step 3: Once the installation is done make sure that blue stack Android emulator is successfully launched on your personal computer.

Step 4: You have to open the BlueStack emulator and then search for NBA 2k18 or you can also directly click on the link to download the APK file. You can find all the applications by clicking on the Android section of blue stack.

Step 5: As your search is completed, you have to click on the app and then on install button.

Step 6: After the installation of NBA 2k18 for PC is completed, you can enjoy playing the game on your personal computer.

Above are some NBA 2k18 APK instructions that you should have to follow during the installation process for your personal computer, iphone, tablet and any Android device.

How to Play NBA 2K18 on Your Smartphone?

NBA 2k18 game is very easy to play. You just need to follow some instructions that make it easier to play. You just have to run, pick and roll. You can enjoy NBA 2k18 APK mobile game by just having the idea how to play the game.

The playing time for NBA 2k18 full APK game is 3 minutes per quarter. You can change your team during tournament according to your choice.
  • A coin will be flipped before the game starts.
  • You have to hold Lb and L1 button to activate the pick and roll.
  • You can press RB or R1 to control whether to execute a pick and pop.
  • Hitting RT or R2 will change the direction of your teammate screen.

Tips and Trick to Play NBA 2K18

download nba 2k18 apk for android data obb free ios pc

This is a great improvement on the previous version of basketball video game. It is quite difficult for the beginners to play the game. It is necessary to have some tricks with you to play the game. Below mentioned are some tips and trick for you to enjoy the game without any trouble.
  • Tips to add your face to MyPlayer: The game allows you to use MyPlayer to scan the facial structures and import it onto the player in previous. There are lots of player customization offers in the game like attributes, skill sets, appearance, and more. You can also reset the character after creating him. Here are some steps to follow:
    1. Go to the main menu in the game, you installed using NBA 2K18 APK.
    2. Click on option or Features
    3. Now you have to select MyPlayer appearance here.
    4. After this edit the previously created MyPlayer.
    5. After editing save and exit.
  • Record NBA 2k18 and Share it on YouTube or Facebook: It is a great idea to share your game record with friends through the social media site for more fun. You can also record your game, videos or more with one click for future reference. “Dr.fone- iOS Screen Recorder” is one of the best applications that record videos from your computer screen effortlessly. 
  • One of the great things about this application is that it can mirror any of your devices on your computer screen so that you can enjoy the gameplay without any interruption during recording. As the recording done you can upload the video on social media platform of your choice. 
  • NBA tips for collecting Virtual Currency: The money is needed to make necessary upgrades. You can make money by earning virtual coins. Here are some tips and tricks to gather the virtual currency:
    1. Getting the virtual currency away from home: NBA 2K18 application is a great place to enhance your virtual coin. You can purchase latest upgrades and other necessities that can be helpful during the gameplay.
    2. Getting Virtual Currency in MyPlayer: You do not need to spend money out of your own pocket in order to purchase equipment or gears. Instead of this, you can use MyPlayer to see great endorsement deals for your players. You can use this for the enhancement of your players so that they perform better.
  • NBA 2K18 Tips for Beginners: It seems little difficult for anyone who is going to play the game first time. Here are some tips and tricks for the beginners. Before starting a game, you need to learn the basic rules of the game as well as what to do or not during the NBA 2k18 APK gameplay.
  • You have to sign up for visual concept’s 2KU which makes use of the voice of the Basketball coach to guide you in the beginning. They teach all the fundamentals of the game, defense, offense when to run, pass and roll etc. 
  • When you are playing for the first time, you have to go to the options area and to change the game difficulty settings under the setting tab.
  • NBA 2k18 Tip for Better Strategic Positioning: This trick is good for those who are interested in the strategic enhancement of their gameplay rather than focusing on dribbling the ball. You can also use new timeline for the substitution of player. The timeline lets you tell the game exactly what player you want in each position through substitution. This feature allows you to substitute players, change positions to create the best strategic team. 
  • Tips for NBA 2k18 Offense: You need to have the basic knowledge of the offense. A better understanding is a key to play a smooth offense and reduce the rate of failure. 
  • The feet position is important for a shot. Your feet should be towards the basket while shooting.
  • One of the most important aspects that help in winning the game is to know the strength and weaknesses of the team.
  • You can also use another My player based tip i.e. jump shots. You have to pick a comfortable shooting form. 


Now the game is available on your Android device after following above-mentioned steps. The game is something different and more innovative when compared to the previous versions which were available earlier.
Our Rating:-
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NBA 2k18 APK will take the game to a new level and continue to overcome the difference between video games and reality. You can also share the APK with your friends on social media sites so that they can also play the basketball game as well.

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